Aluminum Coil Aluminum gutters come in two thicknesses .027 inch and .032 inch. Aluminum gutters are lightweight and easy to maintain. Seamless aluminum gutters have a factory baked-on enamel finish offered in 25 different colors to match your paint scheme. Seamless aluminum gutters are the typical rain gutter replacement for residential homes.


Copper Coil Copper gutters are sold in two thicknesses 16-oz. or 20-oz. copper. The 20 oz. is much stronger and durable which also makes it more expensive. Copper also offers an endless supply of different accessories available from leader-heads to straps, you are only limited by the cost. Copper gutters are expensive compared to other metals, but are beautiful for the high-end consumer. Most people agree that copper makes the ultimate gutter.


Steel Metal Steel gutters come in 26 gauge, and the super thick 24 gauge. There are a limited number of colors offered for steel. The paint is a factory baked-on enamel finish inside and out. This gutter does offer more strength than aluminum, which makes it a better choice for commercial buildings. This material can be formed in seamless.




Galvanized gutters are a thing of the past; they are most likely the gutter currently installed on your home. Due to the prep work involved before they can be painted, they are rarely used with so many other options available. Galvanized gutters must be wiped down with vinegar for the paint to stick. Most gutter companies do not offer them and you will never find them in seamless.


Bonderized Bonderized gutters come in 26 gauge steel and sometimes 24 gauge. Bonderized gutters are used in new track homes and commercial applications. They come in 25-foot and 30-foot lengths. With Bonderized gutters, there's no treatment required before painting, as it comes pre-treated ready for paint. They do not come seamless.