Cheap Plastic Gutter Guards

cheap gutter guards

Going to your local hardware store and buying plastic gutter guards is like throwing your money in the trash. These guards can not withstand the sun causing them to warp. They pop loose from the gutter and fall inside. Now your gutter clogging problem just became a lot worse then without any gutter guard at all.

Gutter Guard on a Roll

Gutter Guard Roll

Another product that should have never been put on the market. This gutter guard on a roll is not stiff enough to hold it's own weight let alone dirt and leaves piled on top with water trying to run through.

Downspout Baskets


The last thing you want to do is put anything inside the drain hole of the gutter. This will only cause your gutters to become blocked quicker. It is best to prevent debris from entering the gutter instead of allowing them to enter the gutter and blocking them at the downspout drain. 

Vinyl Plastic Gutters


It is hard to be happy with this type of gutter right from the start. The longer they are in the sun, the more they will warp and twist. Which will cause leaks and a terrible looking gutter system.

Gutter Covers


During a sprinkle these gutters work great. When the sprinkle turns to rain showers, the water comes off the roof more like a waterfall overshooting the small opening to catch the water. Not to mention these covers can be 5 times the costs of gutter guards we install.

Gutter Covers Version 2


When they realized water overshoots the rain gutters they made the opening slightly larger. This now defeats the purpose of having them as they were installed as gutter guards to keep out debris. Not to mention these covers can be 5 times the costs of gutter guards we install.