When To Clean Gutters

raptor gutter screenHaving your rain gutters clean is an important part of home maintenance. Gutters should be cleaned once a year before the rain season. If you home is populated with a lot of trees, this should be done twice a year. It's important to have any trees that overhang onto the roof cut back to reduce the leaf build up. Gutters that are clogged can fill with water in a matter of minutes. This can cause water to overflow and even damage the rain gutter.

Gutter Cleaning Process

We have all seen the commercial where the home owner is hanging from a ladder about to fall, trying to remove leaves and mud with his hands. That's not quite how a professional gutter company cleans rain gutters. First thing is getting all the way up on the roof. Then walking around the edge of the roof with a large leaf blower gets rid of most leaves and sticks. Followed by a flush with the garden hose to clean out any mud or roof grandules and to make sure downspouts are clear.

Cleaning Tips

The key to any good gutter cleaning job, is doing it when the gutters are dry. Instead of waiting until they are clogged and full of water.

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